Time for the rest of my life

I have started out on goal setting activities in my friend Louise Emily’s new book “Time For The Rest Of Your Life”, a self-help book which she has published mainly for younger people.  We’ve been friends for five years now, and I am pleased to see her pushing her way through life with her endeavours in modeling, fitness, acting and music.  She has started up a Go Fund Me campaign to get it self-published as a hard copy book.

My long-term goals to reach by 31st December 2018 are:

a) Have d-Wizz 2.0’s albums “Success Is Not A Number” and “Paper Tiger” released on the d-Wizz Music label as vinyl, CD and digital download.  I will achieve this by completing the recording sessions and putting money towards future sessions, as well as advertising it online on various sites.  Today, I posted one of the tracks we recorded called “Get Over Me” to the Bandcamp site.

b) Set up new solo band and Laissez-Fayre.  This will be achieved by recruiting new musicians, rehearsing and gigging.

c) Set up Brisbane Naturists group.  I will achieve this by registering it, setting up a website and PO Box, advertising in Quest newspapers, TAN magazine, Facebook and other websites.

d) Become a better person.  In the next 5 years I want to be healthy, kind, and successful.  I want to make a positive difference to the world and be less self-righteous than I am now.  Changes such as showing more appreciation for people, becoming a vegan and living a more low impact lifestyle.

e) Become more involved with Soundtrack Productions.  Put what I have learned from my Diploma in Business into action.  Get a couple of new acts signed to the label to help Andrew break even with his sales of singles.  I want to stop being lazy and learn how to manage an indie label.

f) Be more healthier.  Gradually cut back on takeaway food, go back to the gymnasium, use Yor Health and Tony Ferguson products again as well as fish oil capsules.  Walk for 45 minutes a day and have oats and warm water with lemons for breakfast 4 times a week instead of sugary cereals and bacon and eggs and fried beans.


My short term goals are:

a) Clean and tidy my place 3 times a week – continually.

b) Get new car – save $200 per fortnight, and I should have one by August or September.  Plus I want to get into doing uber driving on a part time basis or working for one of the pizza franchises as a driver.

c) Make a diary entry every day – continually.

d) Go to Melbourne to do the Spencer Tunick installations for “Return Of The Nude” – let other know about it on Facebook in July

e) Throw out old clothes and stuff – take anything I no longer need to the charity shop, and donate old clothes I haven’t worn in over 6 months to charity

f) Resume life drawing clases – May/June

g) Clean out new car, wash it – clean car out once a week, wash it every 2-3 weeks.  Check tyres once a month, check oil and water every week.

h) Clean up desktop PC and laptop once a month, and save for a new computer system to be built as my current one is getting long in the tooth.

i) Practice guitar and singing every day

g) Do 30 Song Vlog Challenge – July 1 – 30

h) Take up glamour/nude/cosplay photography again and do photography workshops – August (once I have got camera accessories)

Also went to MIFQ this afternoon to find out about the NDIS scheme which is coming into play in the next few weeks.  I am still waiting for my access form to be mailed to me.  Although I am receiving assistance for my mental health, I don’t have any severe physical problems although there are some that need taking care of like rosacea and psoriasis and losing weight.  I would ideally like to be down to 90kg by December.

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May 28, 2018

RE: C – Writing every day is super hard, I use this place to moan about my inner thoughts thankfully I don’t have much to moan about every day!