Working all day, all day, all day

Got a lot done today, managed to get Skype working on my PC again and also downloaded Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 so that I can learn how to keep track of transactions for the Young Brisbane Naturists group and Brisbane Doctor Who Fan Club once they start gaining height – can’t afford to put things off and be haphazard about my money forever.

I’m gonna get back into using Neways and Tony Ferguson products now that most of my outstanding expenses have been settled.  Also started a new site on Blogspot called Nude Music Videos, which is dedicated to the depiction of human nudity both male and female in music videos over the last 3 decades starting with Duran Duran’s Girls On Film to the recent Erykah Badu one.

It got a good response on the International Young Naturists site, and one person has already started to follow it today!  Yay!!!

Got my room tidied up, and sent off Kloe’s photos and clips to her, as well as putting up vids for Aussie Allstars’ "Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi!" and Sparks’ "Love Will Conquer All" onto YouTube.  Also going to send Steve his clips at the Troubadour when he supported The Hits there recently with his band "Screamin’ Stevie’s Australia".

Did a photoshoot with Caitlin Kemble-Welch at her new place in Highgate Hill today.  It’s a more rustic and older place than the one that she and Adric were living in in West End, but it’s still nice.  Got some cool boudoir and fetish shots done, and she wore some pretty far-out makeup for it with lots of rogue and colourful eyeshadow with black lipstick.  I’m sending her the results during the week, and can’t wait to photograph her again with Samantha for the Alexandria Bay beach day next Sunday, should be a lot of fun!

I’m going on a mission tonight to get the rest of my room sorted out from top to bottom, and tomorrow sorting through all my photos and putting them in the proper order.  Very long and arduous task, but it’s possible. 

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