Happy Mother’s Day

This day had been so difficult for Pam and I. It was hard to talk to people about it. People, now, are much more understanding. I only started to realize I wasn’t alone just before Denise died. Becoming a mother healed a big part of what made this day painful. I used to be terrified that I would fail my child and turn into my mother. But, instead, i

fe just become sad, mad, and baffled. I love my daughter. I would do almost anything for her. I don’t know why Denise couldn’t do the same for Pam and me. Some people say it’s because she wasn’t able to. Her mental illness made it Impossible for her to be better at being a mother.

but people are presented with choices every day. And she always chose her victimhood over us. Pam and I will not do this to our children.

So happy Mother’s Day.

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