It was a good day

It’s different writing here now. I don’t know how much is because I’ve grown up, or just the feel has changed.

Today was a good day. Quinn came to snuggle in bed at 0615 just as her meds were wearing off. Stupid first molar. So, snuggles for me 😍. Then breakfast, bath, and outside. We watched many honey bees roll around in the dandelions. We chased butterflies, played with chalk and threw the ball. James stepped out before his lunch to push her on the swing before we all came inside. Nap time was rough. Yesterday she just really needed to be held. Today, she just oiling settle so I got 35 minutes roughly, in patches. Kitchen was cleaned, brownies were made and more outside time. This kid could live outside if I let her. She found a tree frog chilling on her swing set, and was very impressed.

We decided to watch badlands tonight. I love how, no matter what James is usually doing when he’s out of work, if Quinn comes to take his hand to lead him somewhere, he goes. He stopped to color with her twice tonight. She went down much more painless tonight because I’m a smart mom and didn’t wait until midnight to dose her with Tylenol. ☺️

I really want to start a new M. Sinclair novel, but I, having too much fun listening to Penny Reid’s Love Hacked. I love this series. It makes me laugh and cry and wish all these odd, fun, ladies were my friends too.

ok. This kitten is literally sitting on my hands, insisting it’s time for bed. Maybe I’ll nap with the baby tomorrow! Mmm….Naps.

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