And then there was cheese

A and I may no longer be friends. We got into a huge fight. I told her I needed time to sort my head out and to find the right words to talk to her. Since then there’s really been nothing. Every time I try to talk to her I get blown off. Like nothing i ever did matters and never did matter.  This is her choice. I’m done trying to reach out, I am done being her doormat, I am done being her personal bank. I so sick of it all. I’m ready to walk away. I’m not in love with her anymore, at last long last finally.

Mouse…..yes, my little mouse. This woman, she makes me feel things I didn’t know I was capable of. We are going slow. Talked for 5 or 6 weeks, and then met in person and didn’t have sex for awhile. It’s a completely new way for me to try and start a relationship and it’s going smashingly. Now I just need cheese……

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August 4, 2019

HELLO! I am back! I am so sorry for going missing again.. I have been dealing with some really shitty stuff lately! I was trying to get my head sorted!

As for A.. She doesn’t deserve your time or effort… people like that.. they deserve to be alone.

It makes me happy and optimistic about my own life that you have found someone (Mouse) that makes you feel things that you didn’t know existed before! I hope that things are still going well for you guys! <3 I am going to write a post later today.. I promise I will.. Miss you friend