Demented rambling s of…

I want to sip the nectar of your lips like a butterfly eats the dead.

I hear your words, but my ears are full of cotton balls.

I am your home, breathe me in and exhale your fears.

Can you feel me?

I am the darkness, I tread still waters so I don’t drown

I wish this flashlight was metal to better bash your brains in.

I’m sad, angry, demented, caring, loving, hatefull, emotional, lost, crazy. Every moment that I draw my breath.

I do not know who I hate more, the reflection in the mirror or the shadow behind me.

I’m begging you, please don’t leave me here.

I can taste the love buried deep in the back of my throat ready to spew forth like vomit.

If I look to long, to deep, to much, I can see  Death’s hand reaching out to me, friendly and welcoming.

Do I taste bitter or sweet? Are my lips the softest you’ve kissed? Do I taste of cherries and strawberries?

Do you wonder where I am when I am not there? Do you notice that I’m missing?

That my darkness has swallowed me whole, enveloping me in the comfort of silence.







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