I Am

I am nothing.

I   am a zero.

Close your eyes

Turn  away from me.

Walk away !like every one else

I want an exit.

A permanent one

I am confused I don’t belong any where

I think I am better of alone

So you can’t see me

So you don’t know me

So I can disappear

I am nothing

I am a zero

Don’t look in my eyes,

The emptiness will be obvious

I tried and tried

I looked and looked

And looked some more

I can’t find you in this moonlight

I  can’t hear anything

I am lost

I am nothing

I am a zero

I wonder if I

Could live with nothing

No kisses

No some one play in with my hair

no stroking my skin so delicately

I am nothing

I am a zero

What are you?


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May 19, 2019

Picture a hilarious joy ride with friends on a cross country trip.  That is life and you’re stuck with it. So make it a hilarious joy ride with someone ’cause it beats the crap out of riding through life alone!

It takes me about 5 minutes to make a bunch of friends at a bar.  I just yell out, drinks on me!! and I have instant friends! I do this often when I”m traveling and all alone – but not for long!

This is good.. but I hope that you are not feeling this way because you are not a zero or any of that stuff listed 🙁