There’s no title.

So. I’m muddling. Move date is 05/24/2019. Am I excited? No. Am I happy about it no. Why you ask? Because I was unable to find something in my price range. And I keep being STUPID. I helped her get A car. I waS supposed to be the cosigner, but the dealership made me the primary. Now I stuck in this spot. Being supid . Until Janruary when the dealership can take me off the loan. So, I’m waiting. Being nice. Cause I’m afraid. Afraid that she won’t follow through on on taking care of it. Cut my heart handed it to her. How stupid am I reallh? Massively.

just want it all to be over. No one sees it. I’m glad, that means they can’t stop me from disappearing.

was in the hospital for a week. With a blood infection lucky they finally figure out. I was septic .

I wish they hadnt. I want to fade.

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