Wandering the halls

God I hate myself

I hate how you left us

I hate who you’ve become since you moved

I hope someday you’ll forgive me for what you think i did

What if I’m godless

She’s a user

Only wants me when there’s something in it for her

I wish you were the person I thought you were

I wish I hadn’t put blinders on my eyes

She keeps on hurting me (because I let her)


I should have seen this coming

Every time I see you I throw myself against that wall

God how I hate that wall

I’m a user and your my drug

Scared scared terrified

Lost so lost so alone

It’s still So dark in hear even though I see a glimmer in the distance

Ugly so ugly inside and out

there’s a screaming in my head. Defaning.

My heart shatters

Can I just leave it there? Maybe then I won’t feel

shut me down. Fear me, fear for me, tear me apart

Tell me you’ll love me forever

I don’t care who you are. (Yes I do)

God I wish I was someone else

Once again sitting in the silence of my shadows of myself


Will you sit with me just for awhile

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April 17, 2019

This broke my heart.. Are you okay? 🙁