My parents are taking the kids to Disneyland tomorrow as Grandpa’s birthday present. When I asked my husband if he was okay with this, as it would mean missing one day of school, he replied, “He considers that a present?!”

My sentiments exactly. But I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have the little monsters around you constantly. Ha.

So, tomorrow? Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. A whole Tuesday free! And on top of that, the husband is going to work from home so he’ll be here too. An extra, lovely bonus!

Honestly, I plan on doing exactly nothing. Literally laying atop the bed, watching shows I’ve DVRed (like The Bachelor and Vanderpump Rules and such. It’s got to be super bad TV to be so ridiculously enjoyable.) So, homemade pizza and nothing but laziness. And what makes it even better is I get to be in our bedroom which is quite possibly my favorite room in our house, which we just bought last August. The master is fucking beautiful with these long windows around one corner of it, overlooking our tree-lined backyard, a sitting area where I’ve set up a  small couch and a few chairs, a recessed area for our giant tv, big ass closets and a Cal King bed  it’s both roomy and cozy, dome in greys and blues and enough windows to bring the outside in but not too many where you feel like you’re on display. I could write seventeen entries on the amazing-ness that is our house, but I won’t start now, don’t worry.

Anyway, I plan to make us pizza and we’re going to have a blissfully quiet house with zero kids talking or fighting or asking for this and that and it’s going to be glorious.


Reese said some cute things today that I’m putting below so I can remember them.
She wanted to do something and I told her we could do it sometime later. She then asked, “Okay, in a couple of whiles?”
this morning she handed me play dough and pretended it was a mini pancake and I put it into my mouth, proclaiming it delicious. She was all wide-eyed, having expected me to pretend to eat it. She exclaimed, “You ate that for actually?!”
Also, she calls lemonade ‘memmolade’ and Pirates Booty becomes ‘pyro scooty’.
One day soon she’ll say everything properly. She’s 98% there already. I need to remember these adorable little mis-sayings.

Also, earlier, since we were home today after school instead of out at play dates with friends like normal, I had the kids take rests – they could play in their room or rest in bed with an ipad for 45 mins or so. I went to sneak in a bath during this time. Usually I’ll watch something on Netflix or the like, but today I continued to read my diary from the beginning like I’ve been doing since this weekend.

Usually I’ll go get the kids and we’ll head downstairs for dinner but they decided they’d rested enough and came into the bathroom I was in. I was in such a good mood, though, basking in all my old diary memories and knowing I’d be having this glorious kid-free day tomorrow, so when Reesie asked if she could get in the bath with me, at first I said no, but when she said, “pleeeaase??”, I said, “Sure. Hop in.”

So of course, Max had to yank all his clothes off too and before I could blink I had a 4 and 6 year old clamoring into the bath with me and sinking down into the warm bubbles. I grabbed the sports bra near the bath that I’d just taken off prior and put that on as I didn’t think they needed me to be that naked around them (Max is starting to understand private parts and is fascinated by them).

What ensued over the next almost hour were a lot of silliness and little games with made up fishes, using our two fingers, and we had them play hide and seek and talk and they switched places a few times so each could get mommy hugs and sit on my lap. That’s one thing I love about my daughter. She is all Heart On Sleeve and whenever she gets super happy like that and feels really close to me, she’ll wrap her arms around me, squeeze me so tight and tell me she loves me. Several times. Max doesn’t show it like that as much. He’s more quiet. He also doesn’t have command of language like his sister so I don’t expect the same things from them. But with him, if he’s near you, and he love you, he’s either got his feet planted atop your legs, his head leaning back into you, any opportunity he can touch and be physically close, he will take it. And it makes you feel so warm and lovely inside.

Then he, like, kicks his sister in the head and it’s all over. But until then! Ha.

All I know is I have to start writing in here more. I know for certain that even though these days are stressful and so rough, they are also days I will ache and long for once the kids are older and their own people. I will yearn for the days that I can’t get anything done because all they want is me, to spend time with me, to follow me, to talk and ask questions and be my shadows room to room as I’m tying to clean and prepare and I just want some tiny shred of privacy.

Because there is just pure, unfiltered LOVE there. They love us so completely and openly and once they’ve grown the only thing that will rival this is a dog. Which I’m not opposed to at all, believe you me! But yeah, tiny little people with all that love and devotion shining out of those gorgeous blue eyes of theirs? Nothing quite like it.

But oh my god I can’t wait until they’re gone tomorrow all day long!!

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January 30, 2018

I miss my kids saying adorable things. This time passes way too fast.

January 30, 2018

Yes, you will miss these snuggly times. They will be replaced with other/different great things…deep, meaningful talks, the occasssional invitation into their very private teenage worlds, etc. but those little kid snuggles are priceless.

January 30, 2018

that’s why I enjoy my grandkids soooo much…..I get that wonderful mushy love stuff again……you were very much like your daughter……and you NEVER left me alone….your little body was always near me.

your kids were the most Perfect Kids at Disneyland today. Honestly. If you could have the kids we have, 24/7, you’d understand why we see them so much. I would have stayed longer but they were running out of gas…..even tho they denied it. They had a wonderful time and so did we. Thanks for lending them to us.

January 31, 2018

I feel the love in your words.

February 1, 2018

I am so jealous of your quiet time! That sounds heavenly. I know I’ll miss them when they’re older, but right now I need a minute lol! I’ve got 2 that wear their “hearts on their sleeve”. It’s a blessing and a curse. Those snuggles though, they’re extra special. 🙂

February 4, 2018

don’t forget Berella for umbrella.