bri wasn’t at school today, and salina was on chris again, u have no idea who these ppl are but wtvr, for the jist 2 of the 3 are my friends. I almost missed jade today, but I caught her so yay! she’s cool. I also saw ally which was cool. um…. yea and lidsey a girl I think is cute forgot her key for her trailer, so I let her stay at my house. Like as soon as she closed the door on her way out I was like: yes! whooo! go paco go paco! it’s yer birthday it’s yer birthday. so we gonna party like it’s yer birthday! so yea it was a fun day today, I played lots o b-ball. I’m gettin’ good at shootin’. also I figured out chris is a lil messed up, but thats just my opinion… I told salina to try and go out with him rather than this other guy, but I don’t think chris will cause he likes alex, but alex won’t go out with him cause she doesn’t want to make salina mad. so yea it’s real confussing. I wish so bad I could see more of cassidy I’ve hardly talked to her in a while. so far i’ve been writing every little thing that pops in my head so far so this article is a big jumble. o and I found this cool internet thing here i’ll show u:

A cool shcool sudteid tihs i’ts werhe u mix the mdidle of wdors up and keep the frist and lsat lteters the smae, but smoe how poelpe can siltl raed it. cool hun?

o I got to make a note 2 myself, 2 marrow call cassidy, then cat, then eric, then emily, then jade cause I haven’t talked to them much latly. neway got to go, love ya, peace out fellow angels…
~the angel of fallen abyss *paco*

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🙂 thanks for the note