In the first time of your life, be yourself

Electronics are a death if me. For someone who dislikes looking at a blue screen for more than half of someone’s day, those who say they hate phones are those who are hypocrites, I to am a hypocrite. I hate when looking at the screen, I don’t see nor feel what it feels like to be there, like the way the rain just touches your skin. I could be playing ball or just walking as I listen to the train, I’ve wasted half of my life just because of what, self deprecation? Hate changed me, knowing that one day we all would just die any minute because of race, I was never depressed, but I’ve always been lost. And right now, looking at a screen, I loose myself knowing that what I am doing, irony, writing this, as of this moment, why? I want to run, feel the gush of wind as the waves crash beneath my feet. But what’s stopping me? Me, fear? Or the lack of me when I want to be or see something. But maybe one day, once I get a car, I’ll be able to visit the shore daily, see my favorite hidden details of a world that doesn’t want me, but right now,… “In the first time of your life, be yourself.”

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