Is “he” being Selfish

So a couple days ago, it was someone’s birthday, he was one step closer to becoming in my twenties but turns out my, ego, or lack of ego got the best of me. For someone who’ve wanted to spend his birthday in a park, turns out, unexpectedly, unintentionally he got a one way ticket to stay at a hotel and casino. Everyone was there, but in the back of this kid’s head was, a park, a casino, eh? To a deeper dive into this character, he’s a ambivert, and he wanted to have a journey for soul searching as his very character, was lost by him, a man exhausted from giving in to much empathy and yet living in a world that lacks it. Everyone was happy, they even brought food, this kid never liked the idea of gift giving but something was off, was it the lack of awareness over himself or was it that they all came here for the vacation instead of his birthday? As the day goes on, all he can think about was repenting as he wanted to end his 24 hours as if being birth again in a church close to a garden, but that was delayed. But instead, he spited them, internally anyway, he was sad, underappreciated, but wants to understand why it hurts so much that he couldn’t speak, was it because everyone was happy, or the fear of being selfish for at least one day in a year. I apologized to that boy, it was like looking at a mirror, but turns out even mirrors have cracks.

“I’m sorry kid, I’m sorry me.”

Is he being selfish?

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