When do you truly “see” someone.

July 18, today was my birthday;

I apologized to my dad for ruining his vacation. But no one truly knows that my Birthday was ruined. I guess that sums up my entire problem with people, because when do you truly see them? Not just their appearance, their facial features, as to a camera, the way people take pictures, tell alot of details in their lives, but when do you truly see them, “their” story. It makes me selfish doesn’t it, to want why, a apology. For 8 weeks now, Ive always wanted a apology from my sister, but never received one, but maybe I don’t deserve one as they say it, she hates “hypocrites”, I admire that because I hate myself too. My birthday, wasn’t my birthday but that of someone who never existed, shared my likeness, my name, but not the man, me, who stoled my heart, but a liar, Im that liar. She tested and judged my philosophy and outlook, almost attacked it, and yet I admire her, I dislike optimist, but I don’t dislike my sister, but does she truly see the person she looks in the mirror. Im that mirror, and like a mirror, a callous bastard.

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