I found my diary from 2008, I love this, its just confident booster when I read who I was.

OMG this was awesome…I accomplish so many of my goals in 2007/2008…sooooo cool. I would be so proud of myself. I wanted be Sex in City Classy girl…I did that. I was more Carrie any other, I was long term relationship Satan much of the time off/on, actual 4 years straight, 4 years off and on. Then 2 years with Aiden, who is Mark… haha  So funny I traveled, made friends, went NYC million times. So funny reading my diary as kid and realizing I did it.



Monday, September 01, 2008

Future Plans

  1. I can be independent woman…..Like stc girls…date/relationships                                          ( did this) hahaha
  2. Have my own apartment                                                                                         Have this
  3. Have a little small space of my own                                                                        ( : thank you it is small
  4. Buy fashion and be my own person                                                      yes I am my own person…my own fashion goofy slippers
  5. Buddhist retreats
  6. Travel lot
  7. Clubs, things are always open                                                                                    Ok so early 30s yes u did clubs, you grew out of it
  8. People all around
  9. Shows, I can see shows and go obera, I can travel all over there and never be bored.         Yes I did lot comedy shows, events, with all exes
  10. I can walk the streets and just be one out of millions…                              Yes you be proud to know you did that by yourself NYC many times
  11. Jobs all over, millions of choices                                                                         Yea you had lot jobs some long periods time, don’t be proud this one lol
  12. No judgment, what ever I am, I no longer lable because what the fuck would be label,                You kind of like label these days being weird
  13. maybe they call me small jersey town girl but hell in few years being there I break that    yea when you went switzerland it was awesome knowing
  14.  take taxis, subways, trains,, which totally awesome fine with me               lol yes girl you did it, even other countries, NYC million                                                                                                                              times took train all by urself…million times last few years… your kind of over NYC now
  1. Never have to cook, never have to garden…hahah I can run out my way work and get food,   (u changed ur mind about this) haha
  2. I think have house is ugly waste of time, nothing pretty about it, living in suburbs.  OK so yea never lived NYC but you live close and yea no                                                                                                                                                        house, u rent
  3. Colleges are all over if I want go back to school                                                           almost did, took buddhist courses
  4. Life style, and everything it has offe



* In great deal time

* Get an apartment there                                                                                       so it not NYC but very close and yea its been better

* Learn all food places, seafood, expensive, non-expensive and take out, food stores          I did this million times even going into city

* Learn how all lifestyle is

* Buddhist retreats                                                   ( : yes you do this hahah

* See if they have book clubs                                   This how I become close to my best friend hahah Buddhist book club in NYC


* Join a sport                                                                Cant run, but this last summer when I was healthy yep I did





* Go to empire state building                                    did this…

* Go to statue Liberty                                               Did not do this yet, haha I have no interest city too dangerious these days

* Go to all the hot clubs                                          Yep with Satan we went lot clubs, bars, we famous got dress couple, took pictures

* Take subway all safe directions learn entire streets walk all streets that are safe learn them… yes friends and myself..did this

* Go near shopping store, shoe stores                          I dated creepy guy went buy me shoes in city, stalked me. Long funny story, he didn’t speak english

* Walk the park in day time, have a picnic with someone                       never did this.

* Find out if they have another zoo besides Bronx               haha Satan took me for my birthday

* Visit Grand Central Terminal                            yes did this

* Metropolitan Museum of Art              yes I had crush on guy who was friend took me here few times with friends

* Visit Art Galleries                                           yes did this

* Watch comedy show                Did this with Rob and Satan in NYC, Mark near City… yes did this

* United Nations                          yes

I would be very proud to know I had few job interviews near and in city, I had huge job interview Penn station didn’t take it

Later in my life I didn’t want be NYC few years ago I grew out of it.


* Someday take the train up all way Canada                      you do end up traveling to canada lol not by train by car

* Go to Airports                                                                      yes you will travel all over world…even by yourself. with your ex

* See a Band                                                                           no didn’t did too much this

* Go over the bridge                                                                yes I think I did… not sure pretty sur


* Helicopter tours or NY sky ride                                        ok so no you didn’t do helicoter tour but BETTER yet you did this Hawaii

* Go on top of the building                                           Yea 2008 you did this with rob few months after this entry, yes million times, dated few New Yorks, Friends New Yorkers, so yea been on many buildings

* Find out where that high top spot is, see entire NYC

* Go Ice skating                                                                       LOL did this with Mark I am actual good at it

* Go bowling                                                                                     Did this with Mark

* Wine tasting                                                                                       Did with Mark


* See if there other temples                                  You traveled everywhere in NYC and New York State and All Jersey for temples, u join communities in                                                                                      2017  you do it. Take precepts, which help make better choices in life.


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