Year 4642.

It’s been 2619 years since I’ve seen Geremy Flores. I believe he turned sick of the Morphine Virus. Ever since he heard that sound effect, he died honorably. I had to throw his coffin into the ocean, to hide any witnesses from finding out. I felt intensely sad because of what I had to do. I didn’t even get to wish a Merry Christmas. So, I show sorrow the best way I know how to. I emoted on his coffin as it sunk to the ocean, I then bottleflipped and nailed it. Then I show pride the best way I know how to. I dabbed on the haters. And then, I realised what I had done. ”I found the morphine. no-ooo AAAAA *1 hand on head in disappointment* lindaaaa”

The end.

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