July 3, 2019

I decided to start Keto five days ago on Saturday. I also started walking for 30 minutes every day at a faster pace than just normal walking. It helps that we have a little gym room here at the apartment place that I live at. Previously, with old owners, a key to the little gym room cost a one time fee of $25 and there was almost nothing in there. Now with new owners, it’s completely free to residents and there’s enough equipment in there to where at least a few people can exercise at once with no problem. It’s a very small room with two treadmills, one eliptical, one stair stepper machine, a weight machine with 4 stations set around a circular core, and a set of hand weights. That’s all there’s really room for and with the old owners there was even less than that. But all I need is the treadmill. I like that it has an incline function to lower and raise your incline at will. I don’t like elipticals because they hurt my lower back. I’ve lost about 5 pounds so far and want to keep myself encouraged by writing. I have no doubt that losing that much in just a few days will not continue. I have no doubt that mostly for now I’m really just losing water. So for when the numbers for loss start to slow down, I want to have somewhere to write. I’m very overweight at 5’1 and roughly 265 pounds. In just the few days I’ve been doing this so far, I’ve noticed less overall hunger throughout the day and less problems with my blood sugar feeling low in the morning.

I am currently reading On Mystic Bay by Kristin Hannah in my spare time. She’s one of the few authors that I have found that I like pretty much everything they write. It’s about a woman who’s been married for 20 years and on the day she and her husband bring their daughter to the airport t drop her off for a trip to London for the summer, her husband tells her he’s been having an affair with a younger woman and wants a divorce. So the wife goes home where she hasn’t been in more than 10 years and runs into an old male friend from school… a very good story. I’ve read it a few times. Every once in a while I just want to read something I’ve already read over again. This is one of those.

I want to put a pretty picture of something in every post, whether it be for motivation or just future dreams. Today it’ll be this dress: Motivation at its finest.

I also want to post a scripture everyday because I am also trying to read through the whole Bible. I’ve read the new testament all the way through a few times but the farthest I ever got in the old testament was the song of Solomon. I have a PDF with a list of the Bible broken down into 365 days so that it can be read in a year. So with day one I chose this verse:

“You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master”. Genesis 4:7. It’s God warning Cain about the problem with his heart.

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