One week from now I have the appointment to start my cosmetic dentistry. I wish my old dentist had to pay for this, seeing as how she ruined my mouth. But I read how hard and time consuming it is to try to sue a dentist- I don’t have the time or the funds. I’m not that excited yet, this whole ordeal has made me not like dentists very much! I never had a problem with them before but now…. very anxious going. I think I’m also in a space of “I’ll believe it when I see it” so I won’t be excited until I see that I look alright again.

My old dentist was supposedly a specialist. I have several medical issues and was having issues with my gums. She immediately jumped to me needing surgery on my entire mouth scaring me shitless. Then she said I needed extractions. What?! I have always had nice teeth. I don’t smoke and I brush my teeth. But this dentist and her cunt of an assistant made it seem like I never brushed my teeth. I should have just never went back to that office, but I did. I went back and got degraded. “You’re going to HAVE to start brushing your teeth” the hygienist told me with attitude. I insisted that I DO brush my teeth. So this bitch’s retort was, “Every day?”. Of course every day! Anyways, long story short I did what she insisted HAD to be done. She did half my mouth first then I was to have my other half done at a later time. I looked like a monster after she did her number on my mouth.

I cried at every single follow up appointment. I looked ridiculous and couldn’t even smile fully because if I did, you could see all the damage she did to my front teeth. When I asked when I could get cosmetic work done, she lied every time. She said 3-4 weeks after surgery. So, I asked when 3-4 weeks had passed. Then she still said no. She insisted you “couldn’t see” the fucked up looking part of my mouth. Uh, yes you can! If I smile fully I look like an idiot. At this point I flipped out in her office and told her she wasn’t touching me. She simply walked away from me! Didn’t try to calm me with a plan to fix my smile, didn’t try empathy. In fact, she mocked me and said I “must not feel like adulting” before she walked away. She’s lucky I didn’t punch her in that bitch mouth!

The worst part is, she told me the surgery and extractions were a success. My mouth didn’t look or feel better so I went to another dentist. He said the whole procedure needed REDONE! I wasted thousands of dollars and got mutilated for nothing! At least the new dentist did an excellent job and was cheaper! But for a long time now, I’ve been having to walk around looking awful. Oh, and I can’t smile fully without scaring small children. The bitch literally took away my smile. I just about have the redo procedure paid off so that’s why I can finally get my mouth fixed…. well, hopefully.

It’s very depressing having fucked up teeth. I’m not a vain person, but take away anyone’s smile and I’m sure they’d be bummed out. See, now any talk about dentists is a rant! I’m nervous, a little hopeful but yet filled with dread…. dread because I NEED to look normal again. I NEED this to work and if I still look goofy…. I don’t know what I’m going to do.


An additional note: I left the terrible dentist an awful (yet, 100% true) review. Mine was the first and only review for awhile. The bitch either got friends to do it or is bribing her patients because now she has over twenty 5 star reviews. All these reviews counter what I said. I said she was unprofessional, went to the most extreme treatment for money gain, and did not show one ounce of caring about me or my situation. All the new reviews say, “So professional. Minimal treatment plan. Such a caring doctor.” Yeah…. and I’m Nefertiti.

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1 week ago

You poor thing! Something similar happened to my late mom when she was a teen in the early ‘60s. They ruined her teeth. She had problems with them for the rest of her life. They also insisted her tonsils come out. Apparently dentists could legally remove tonsils back then. They did it while she was awake and they did it badly. She said it was terrifying and painful and she thought she might die. She had PTSD from it. My poor mom.
I really hope you can get this fixed. I feel like you can. Most dentists take pride in being able to fix a smile.