My dead crushes

Men now days are for the most part, blah. I got me an oldschool “goth man” which is awesome (and what I wanted). I usually don’t see anyone interesting anymore. 2 of my crushes that have died are Wayne Static and Peter Steele. I would have rode those ponies….. neigh indeed! Some live cuties I like in entertainment are Wednesday13, the singer from Satyricon, the guy from Ghost (with his makeup on), the drummer from Slipknot (with his mask on). I always loved Joey Jordison when he was in Slipknot too. He was amazing live! Jimmy Gnecco is hot too, though not metal. I dunno, why is the world so boring?! Most new music sucks too- I sound like an old fart even though I’m not that old! 99% of the time I hear a new metal band…. my head starts bobbing, I’m feeling the screaming/growling…. and then some guy starts singing in some pussy fashion and I’m all, “No, no, no!”. If you can’t sing, don’t… that’s the luxury of metal! I guess I’ll just stick to some of my favorites and scream along to Psychosocial by Slipknot, screech along to All in Wait by Static-X, and croon to All Hallows Eve by Type O Negative. *sigh*

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