Is it wrong to wish a handicapped person didn’t have a wheelchair? Probably…. but I’m a terrible person and admitting it is half the battle, right? Ha! Well, I guess it would be “nicer” to say I wish they didn’t have a motorized wheelchair. I hate the way this person just sneaks up- rather, races up to me while I’m trying to work. I’m trying to work butthole…. this is not a playground. This is going to be the new norm for anyone working in healthcare…. nothing but motorized wheelchairs, every day it becoming more and more difficult to keep information private because these chairs can sneak up quietly anytime. Us nurses have no hope of unbroken feet and toes.

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3 weeks ago

I don’t work in healthcare but I work in an opened space where 4 more people sit… and they constantly roll over to my space with their damned rolling chairs to ask stupid questions. So, I feel your pain…