Serial killers are people too

Leatherface is cute. I have a Leatherface dolly and he is adorable! The hubby says he’s not, but he is wrong! Leatherface is just doing what he was taught. He was taught to hunt down people, and he does so to make his family proud! He is mentally stunted and feels good wearing masks. Kids love masks too! Leatherface is just a misunderstood fellow. *que the music: Missundaztood by Pink*

I recently got a new Leatherface figure. I was going to add fake blood to him with red nail polish. The husband hates the smell and he was all, “You know, you don’t have to add fake blood to stuff”.  And I was all, “And the pope doesn’t HAVE to be religious!”.

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Along the lines of Leatherface, I’ve had the song “Be my friend” by One Eyed Doll stuck in my head. I’ll sing it on the way to work tonight. It’s still Sunday so I’ll end with these lyrics from the song:

I made a dress from a choir girl’s skin
I wore it to church, the preacher said I’d sinned
Forgive me Father for my fashion crime
Your skin is so nice I’ll use yours next time  


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