So far, so good

I was on another diary site before this. I got paranoid and deleted it. Lol…. that’s so me! I’m making it a point to not put too much personal information about myself in this diary and to not use my common real life sayings.

The other site also seemed to be ruled by this one long time user. A woman who thought she was the shit. I found her annoying yet hilarious. She was always writing about her “perfectly shaped ass, pouty lips, voluptuous hips” etc….. Wow, you don’t think too much of yourself, do you? She also liked to talk shit about other people’s entries. I think she was accusing me of being a man- probably because I was getting followers. She didn’t say my username, but I think she was eluding to me. Because, men always talk about bra shopping and how hard it is to find clothes that actually fit you. Granted, I’m not the usual woman. I like strange things and am feisty. Still, that doesn’t make me a man. I’ve even played this out in my mind, with all the people identifying as the opposite gender now. My conclusion? I’d make a terrible man! I would look ridiculous! No amount of hormones would turn this into a man.

There was also a man’s journal I read for kicks. He claimed to be an owner of a huge company. He claimed to be very rich. He liked to post erotic stories and made the most terrible mistakes! One story was going along then the woman was presenting herself…. only this guy put “presents” instead. So into my mind went a steamy scene of a dominating man and a woman in furry lingerie. Then, the woman hands the man a present. And then I burst out laughing! I forget the exact wording, but that was where my mind went. I guess my mind should have went to the sexy lady BECOMING a pile of presents, since I think the wording was “the woman was presents herself”. Oh well. Also, he was writing a story and kept putting squeese instead of squeeze. Squeese them titties, bitch! I just find it hard to believe that a man with tons of money and a mentioned assistant, couldn’t take the time to ask said assistant how to spell squeeze. Or if nothing else, asking Alexa!

I didn’t saying anything to either of these people. The whole point of diary world (for me) is to see how other people think and what they are going through and not retort with judgy comments. So far, this site seems to be what I’ve been looking for. At least I haven’t seen one mean girl mother hen ruling this entire site. I know secretly deep down I’d like to find someone like me. I know also, that the chances of that are not very likely. I’m very strange, lol. Also, in the efforts of complete transparency, I’ll state…. I have no friends. I gain one here and there and then we lose touch. I haven’t had a friend since a little after I finished nursing school. I don’t usually get along with women, and at this point it’d be weird hanging out with a guy (you know, the whole being married thing). Plus, looking back…. I think a lot of the guys I used to hang out with just lied about liking things I liked. You know, cause of the sex. Haha. One guy said he was going to show me something scary then went away to get it. My mind was racing. I was like, “Is he going to come at me with a chainsaw? A knife? Show me a cool mask I’ll like but not think is scary?”. He returned wearing a gas mask. *YAWN* I mean, good effort junior…. I guess. Anyways, me and 99.99999% of women do NOT like the same things, and I have never found that sweet .00001%. Most women my age have a whole litter by now. Me?…. not so much. I have the hubby. We like a lot of the same stuff. We both joke about inappropriate topics.

So, I’ll just tuck my imaginary wiener between my legs and dance around to “Goodbye Horses”. At least my hubby would get that joke. 💖

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2 weeks ago

I’m glad that you are here with us on Open Diary 🙂 we do try to avoid having anybody pushing other people around – our first rule is that we must respect all other members, whether we agree with their points of view, or not.

(also, I’m going to be laughing about the lady becoming a pile of presents for awhile)

2 weeks ago

Your description of the site made me think of BloopDiary, which is a place I used to write. That was common behavior over there. Last I checked that site was barely active though.