Depression Game

Time to play the depression game all over again.
Simply because I am easily discouraged.

I used to write all the time on this site, I loved it, it fulfilled my needs. I remember there being so many different circles you could post to, but now there’s only a handful. They all seem empty too. At first I thought maybe the site was new again, because I just found it today. However, I see it’s been back around for a few years, and then I learn it’s not free, but 4 bucks a month really isn’t that much when you compare it to other things. I used to spend 15 bucks a month to play World of Warcraft. I used to spend 10 bucks on fast food almost daily after work. Surely, I can find 4 bucks to write here and get things off my mind. The question becomes, will many others do the same or are doing the same? Will I find people to talk to and be able to comment on post like I used to…

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August 30, 2021

You will find people to read and comment on. Most of these are diaries. If I find myself yawning when I write, stop 😉 I find some people interesting. Some are totally full of shit. Some are locked in their own little hells they refuse to move out of. Most people are fortunately boring. But hey it’s better than being full of shit, I find 😉 In diaries, there is much of the mundane. That is how most of our lives are. Ah and memories we sometimes write about.

September 1, 2021

What Scott said.

Things may not be as targeted in the random person entry like the circles, but you may find some bits of things here and there.  🙂