Great places to cry.

When I was in high school I used to lay in my driveway and cry. I would just stare out at the night sky and cry.

When I was twenty I would stand in front of the fridge and just scream into until I was crying, I would close the door and slide down it sobbing.

Now as a parent I sit in my car and cry listing to sad music telling myself there has to be a better way to de-stress than this. Yet here I am after work balling my heart out to A Little Bit Off by Fiver Finger Death Punch.

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September 13, 2021

There is no wrong way to de-stress.  You have a valve to open and let it out, and if it decides to open while you’re rocking out…then you’re rocking out crying like you’re a huge fan of multiple things.  One of those things can be how you have such an outlet instead of letting it stew and simmer and boil over by holding it in.

It’s also probably one of the few places you have to yourself.  Whatever and however you can blow some of it off…use it and take advantage.  🙂