Hard to explain

It’s so hard to explain to you why I’m so quiet. Even though it’s really simple I know you won’t hear a word I say and there is where the problem lies. I trust to to take my secrets and you turn around and abuse it. Now I struggle again to be open and honest because it took you two days to remind me that not everyone is a good person, not everyone can be trusted.

My heart is heavy as I must at some point decide if this friendship is still worth it. What you did is forgivable I know, because I feel like history is repeating itself with the number of times I have accepted your apologies. I’m just tired of this uphill battle all the time. I just want us to move past drama and be honest.

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September 1, 2021

:(( It’s so hard to let go of a friendship. I lost a friendship earlier this year with someone with whom I thought would be there for life.

Trust, communicatin, vulnerability and integrity is so important – n0 matter what kind of relationship it is. Believe the patterns that you see whether they are good or bad.

Continue being honest with yourself. Your feelings and experience is valid too 💝