Today was a day off. In the morning, I’ve watched Hong Sang-soo’s movie “The Day After”. I thought that Hong Sang-soo must be a romanticist. Therefore people in this movie have serious problems and talk about them. Can you believe in God or love somebody… they are as sensitive as the characters in Souseki’s novels. This movie describes hustle and bustle of love, and their tiny movement of emotion is shown well and I can go into the world of this movie. I thought I should read Souseki’S novels again. Hong Sang-soo is a great director.

At noon, I ate sushi. Today I didn’t think I wanted to talk at clubhouse. I went to the library and borrowed Souseki’s books(about these kinds of things, I can move rapidly). I went back to my group home and took a nap. After that, I read Yoshio Kataoka’s book “English and Japanese”. The strangeness of the usage of various Japanese expressions he caught by his sensitive senses is interesting. I got into this book. I wanted to express the strangeness I had in my blog as articles. They might be columns on the net. But it can be interesting as Kataoka does?

I’ve watched Yasujiro Ozu’s movie “The End of Summer”. I used to watch Ozu’s movies carefully. I think the masterpieces of every art should be watched with the spirit of playing them (people might get angry with this opinion). But, maybe Ozu’s movies might be “classic”, I need preparation to watch them. This movie seems to express the eternal truth. People die, but other people will be born. The cycle of death and birth go along… I thought Ozu was a great philosopher even he was a director of popular movies.

In the night, I thought I should watch the third movie but I had got tired so spend the night freely. I’ve read Yoshio Kataoka’s “The Inner Revolution of 10 Cents” a little. His style is difficult to read but his logic is so clear that I can see what he is saying easily (of course, it is “relatively” easy). I felt that his style had a unique sensitivity. But I felt sleepy when I read it half so I closed the book, and slept… According to my friends, I want to say “It’s alright, I can stay still” and allow the way of spending the time. But I can’t. I sometimes think I spend the time wastefully.

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