Today I attended the English conversation class. The teacher is from Hawaii and told us some interesting topics about Hawaii (For example, “Jurassic Park” was made in Hawaii). Of course, I did my self-introduction to others. That was a game in which we tell them two truths and one false. So I made a lie, “I like reading Sherlock Holmes”, then everybody got surprised because of that lie. I won’t say that I hate Sherlock Holmes, but I had read the stories about him when I was a child and now I don’t have any concern for him. Maybe you think I like detective novels or mysteries but that’s a misunderstanding. Of course, I won’t say they are craps.

Before that, I met a friend when I was working. I told her that I would attend that class at the night, then she said “Oh, it becomes your lifework!”. Lifework… I might not be able to understand what that word means when I was young (but I can say that I believed writing must be my lifework when I was young). But recently I can imagine the end of this life, and I want to learn English more and my ability of languages would have the worth to be spent to teach something to someone. I won’t say I’m talented, but without whether I have a talent or not, I like teaching or thinking so I can keep on doing it with a passion.

I’ve read Natsuki Ikezawa’s “The Compass of Novels”. I just listened to Lou Reed while reading it. Maybe because of the music, I thought about Ikezawa’s criticism has a kind of “Lo-fi” touch. He tells us his theories without relying on the “order made” logic by other critics. He thinks originally so doesn’t make his theories rely on others, so his theories are different from any other critics’ ones. Therefore his thinking has awfulness which leads us to the novels he is trying to describe. From this reading, I had an interest in a Japanese writer, Keizo Hino. So I will try to get the volume of him which is in “The Complete Japanese literature” which is edited by Ikezawa.

The days which any special things or accidents happen, and the days which tomorrow I might forget about them… Very tasteless days. But if I had these days, that means my life goes very peacefully so I have to appreciate it. And If the accident which I couldn’t forget happened, that would make me forget everydays’ boredom, therefore, they might be precious chances to me. But I forget that kind of preciousness of every day. Also, I forget the thanksgiving to this life. I thought about this when I watched my smartphone’s digital clock.

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