A Good Weekend

Shockingly it was a nice weekend. Of course all the stressing of having to have family game night turned out pretty well. Of course it turned onto my Mother showing off “her” Grandson and I couldn’t have been prouder of him on how he acted. He had a few moments but he’s a kid and charmed over everyone. Supposedly they have been call her asking for another date night with him. He played hard and slept in the following morning. Wish I did but I have been worrying over this job thing. My husband is suppose to interview for it sometime this week and it would be huge.

Side not my youngest keeps asking for a sister because he wants to take care of her…. So if this job goes through we might be able to make that dream a reality.

The next day we moved furniture around which led me to taking our bedroom closet apart… Which lead to reorganizing the whole thing which took up most the day and then last minute I need to turn my husband resume into a “Big Boy Resume”. So that took time and frustrating but it’s done.

At the end of the weekend the house is so not cleaned expect for the master bedroom but yet I feel accomplish lol. Just hoping for some good news this week. We could really use some. Just tired of just surviving when I want us to live and not always worrying about $$$.

Well that’s all for now. Later Gators 🙂

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