Not Sure What to Write

Hello to anyone out there reading. Not sure what to write about today. I am trying to write something everyday. My life ambition is to write a book one day. Be immortalized in the pages of a book. When I start writing one I get in my own way and start over analyzing and second guessing myself and stop.  You would have thought in quarantine I would have had time but nope between the kids and husband I didn’t have much time to myself. I have ideas and stories started, I don’t know. Maybe when the kids are older or maybe I’ll do a book of short stories instead of a bigger book.

On a side note because it’s bothering me I work at a second chance school for kiddos who get expelled or have felonies… So we have strict rules a restrictions. I have seen and been part of things when the rules are not followed so I try very hard to keep to the rules but when your boss breaks those rules because she felt like it or whatever it irks me to no end. Especially during a pandemic. It’s just so crazy and irritating and I can’t handle it… I use to be in the classroom but after a bad altercation with a student that ended with me having a miscarriage I took a back seat and now in the office but some days I don’t know whos worse the kids or the adults. Oo the things I hear and read once again once me to go find somewhere remote. If I could I would but my kids either in private school or homeschool. My littles is the most carefree person I know. He just wants everyone to be his friend and to be happy. He starts public school next year and it has me freaked out. I have his name on a list for a charter school with smaller classes so he doesn’t get “lost” in the system. Which is what I see happened to may of our students here. They just got passed on and no one wanted to “deal” with what ever problem they have. Then they come here and we are to magically fix them in the short time they are here.

It’s just such a mess all around.

Well I guess I will end my ranting here and thank you to all who listen, it helps and I do appreciate it.

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February 18, 2021

Do the kids at your school have a chance to go back to the school they were kicked out of?  Sorry, curious

February 19, 2021

@seablue4u  Yes they are here on a Settlement agreement if the follow the rules and expectations they can earn to go back early or when their settlement is up.