Hello Dearies,

I hope everyone is well.

So a while ago I was on a weight loss journey. I have been dying to lose the baby weight. I started working out everyday during covid. Nothing was really working then one day while I was walking I just started running. I loved it, I couldn’t do it for very long but I loved it. Then the weight started falling off I was over the moon. Then I had major neck and should pain I chalked it up to a past car accident were I was rear-ended. I went to the doctor where I was told I had an inverted neck…. I was to give up running and do physical therapy 2-3 times a week…. Well I couldn’t afford that so I went as often as I could. The pain stopped but I was so upset. I tried doing the workouts again my husband bought me a stationary bike yet some how all weight has returned. I am so devastated. I was starting to feel better clothes were starting to fit better…. So yesterday I said screw and a I ran again. It makes me so happy yet I think I over did it because I am hurting. But what can I say I know it works and it makes me feel good. So I am going to run I guess until I can’t run anymore.

Later Gators

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