Overwhelming accounts…

Well I had to deal with a special project at work.

Everyday for 5 days I had to work on hundreds of accts of covid patients, all deseased. Ages ranged from 15 mnths to 95yrs old. I’ve worked in this field for 16 yrs and never have I dealt with a ton of accts of people who died of the same exact illness for so long.

I guess when you don’t have to directly deal with what’s going on it’s easy to brush it off, belief it’s overblown, or whatever else people want to believe.

Dealing with these cases have been difficult. I haven’t slept nights again, names flash across my mind. The fact that they are dead from this virus wrecks my head every night.

No matter what you believe, I hope everyone stays safe.

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May 26, 2020

I do work at a hospital. What I have *direct* experience with is that medical personnel is ordered to report ANY death as a “complication from COVID”, whether or not the patient actually had it. So, the numbers are grossly inflated.

Stay safe as well!

May 28, 2020

@thenerve hey thank you for the front line work. Though in my experience, I have to disagree because I’ve seen deaths not related to covid, had quite a few death from flu claims cross my desk. Complicated from covid are given to people who tested positive to the virus and died of something else. It would make sense since fighting the virus while having underlying issues can kill the person from those issues. I haven’t seen any claims ordered to have covid as the cause for number inflation. Plus hospitals aren’t gaining money from it, infact we are down tens of millions compared to last year. (please don’t take this as an anger reply, I respect what you’ve experienced and your belief s even if I disagree.)

May 28, 2020

I don’t consider myself a frontliner – I only work in the ER on the weekends as a volunteer with patients and with medical records. Clarifying this because I don’t like taking credit that’s not mine.

Of course I don’t take your reply as an angry one 🙂
Now, Im’ confused as to what you disagree with, since one can disagree with opinion (as it’s based on personal belief) but not with fact (which is based on hard evidence, scientific or otherwise). What I cited is pure fact. The records and medical written communications run across my desk daily and I hear all the medical conversations. They *are* being told to report any and all passings as COVID complications and/or straight COVID casualties. Now, to what you cite, about COVID actually being a complication just because the person who passed tested positive; having one or more symptoms is not necessarily a cause of death. If someone, for example, is in the terminal stage of TB and acquires COVID two days before passing, it does not mean that it was necessarily COVID that killed that person. The problem we are having is that medical personnel IS being asked to say “Oh, this person was fully unable to breathe from X, Y or Z *before* getting covid, and had a prognosis of about 2 more days to live, but in her last 2 hours of life tested positive for COVID, so it was COVID that killed her“. There is a lot of false information being spread and lots of helpful info NOT being disseminated. I’m not saying the virus is a hoax, but it *is* being manipulated to some level.

May 28, 2020

That said… I’m really sorry that you’re having to live with the imagery you’re having to live with. It is, indeed, not at all pleasant to see anyone go.

June 1, 2020

@thenerve I disagree because the ones coming across my desk are definitely not being inflated. In fact, the coding we had to do was to make sure we separated those who died from it, or complications of is and those who hadn’t. Guess it depends on the hospital. Sucks that they are forcing a diagnosis to inflate numbers up like that where you work, that’s so wrong. The ones I felt with that week all had underlying causes, but we’re all we cases of people that came under their own will for not feeling well. It worsened while there that lead them to be admitted and dying the same day.

Thank you as well, I usually don’t take it to heart when I get cases of diseased patients, but having a week of non stop cases all from the same causes was a bit mentally stressful.

Hope you’re keeping safe out there.

June 1, 2020

@downloser – I am sure it depends on each hospital, but what happens in mine makes it a real thing. It’s sad  🙁    Glad it doesn’t happen in yours.  But yeah, we’re trying to keep safe as best as possible. Don’t let it stress you too badly – distract yourself or meditate, something.  It can’t rain all the time…

June 2, 2020

@thenerve yea I know .it was just a really bad week for me. Afterwards I got the good news that I can see my niece again because she tested negative and I have tons of pictures and videos of my daughter and her getting to see each other again after 3 mnths. They hugged, laughed, played. It warmed my heart, and wet my eyes, I felt better and it lifted the stress of the previous week. Thank you..