For sad girl over there

The rain fall down really quickly. It was around 7:00 PM and man with name Joon Jae went out of the company where he was working as owner. When he went out of the company with the umbrella he opened it very quickly because the Armany pants don’t like wet weather. When he was about to open door of a car he saw the girl in her early 20’s. She was sitting on the floor and crying. Joon Jae felt something in his heart. He couldn’t explain it but he defenantly felt sorry for her. His way at that moment has changed. He taught that he want to help her. His feets taking him to that girl. Joon Jae stand next to that girl and raise his hand to cover girl from rain. Even though he was helping that girl, he get wet at the moment. Cried face looked up. Girl was looking at the middle age man from feet to head. Her eyes shows scare. She was scared of something and then Joon Jae leaned towards her and held out handkerchief. There was a feeling like they can uderstood each other without words. After it Joon Jae gave his hand to girl to stand up. She did what Joon Jae expected¬† and she stand up. By his hand he show girl to follow him. The location has changed into car where they was sitting and Joon Jae spoke first.
– Do you have place where you can go? – His head actually turned to girl who he was talking to. She didn’t say anything but her head gesture meant that she don’t have any place to go. Joon Jae decided to bring her to his house until girl wouldn’t find her family. After 30 minutes they arrived to Joon Jae’s house. He show only one room which includes two other rooms with bathroom and closet. That was guest room. And at the end Joon Jae said
– Do not enter any other room. If you have questions or something knock my door first. – girl looked down, she actually feel ashamed, but she had no choice, otherwise her family will find her and kill. The girl lay down on a bed and fall asleep until next day in the morning.

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