Alright so, I’m 14 almost 15 and female. I have discord and I’m friends with a 21 yo online. We like to argue and stuff and um I sometimes think about that he might potentially be a pedo. He calls me cute/adorable, etc. nothing sexual like sexy/hot. He’s sweet and all, likes to share pictures of a game he plays. He’s supportive and stuff and I’ve vented to him a few times. I dont like him in a romantic/sexual way, and I’ve spoken to him about the topic before and he said he doesn’t like me that way either ( like a pedophile would ). And we never bring up sexual topics. Do I cut him off? I’ve been told its weird for a 21yo to be friends with someone my age, and to call her cute. I would feel bad if I did cut him off though cause I genuinely enjoy speaking to him, as a friend. But I’m willing to cut him off if he ever acts weird. I need help lmao? Idk what to do.. and thats the only reason I’m on here

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Yes, it is absolutely crossing a line. You should get the adult in your life with which you are most comfortable and talk to them about this situation. He is grooming you.

January 11, 2022

I feel it’s inappropriate that a 21 year old is interested in you at your age. If you feel uneasy about the situation, then that is your instincts and intuition telling you to distance yourself from him. The best thing I’ve learned is to listen my intuition and also trust it.

January 11, 2022

No 21 year old should he friends with teenage girls. And if there is somehow a friendship between those age groups he certainly shouldn’t be commenting on your looks or appearance.

Cut him off before something happens. I’ve had friends that were your age when they started talking to and eventually dating men his age. All of them – and I do mean all of them – feel like they had been groomed and taken advantage of.

it seems you know something is off. You are smart in listening to yourself in that regard.

You may feel mature enough to be friends with older men, but trust me when you are 21 you will realize how icky that is of this guy.

January 12, 2022

I’ll have to agree with the others: trust your instincts. Who initiated the “friendship?” That could be a clue there.