Prime Time

I get up at 5am every day. From 5 until 8am when I start work is what I call my prime time. I drink my 2-3 cups of freshly ground and french press brewed coffee. I sit in my recliner in the den. I turn on the gas fireplace if it is cold. I meditate to the Daily Calm. I read. I might watch a video. It’s the best time of my day. My hope is renewed.

A favorite morning at Walt Disney World, the Contemporary Resort, April 2015

Today, my husband is sleeping during my prime time for the first time in a while. He has had so much pain in his foot.  He is constantly putting his foot off and on ice. He has not been able to sleep in his bed for days now, as the positioning is wrong. He has been sleeping in the recliner. Sometimes he is sitting there staring at YouTube when I get up. he is trying to distract himself from the pain in his foot. He is having surgery next Tuesday to put in some stents. He will be in the hospital at least a couple of days, none of which I can visit.

It is such a relief that he is still asleep this morning and I can relax my prime time. I need it to function the rest of the day.
I’ve just¬† started reading “All the Light We Cannot See” – the writing is superb. I already don’t want it to stop. I am on page 70 of 770, large print edition. I never realized how much better reading can be with large print.

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