Excerpt: Where I’ve Been

I’ve felt guilty for not being by for so many weeks now.  It seems like one thing after another has fallen into a place in the entirety of the puzzle that is a life.  It’s nothing that has been particularly bad or worth complaining about, in fact, the real reason for so long an absence has actually been something good.  I don’t mention what I do a lot, but aside from composing poetic letters here and there I am a visual artist.  It’s been a little over 1 and 1/2 years since I have last shown any artwork and out of the gap I have been given a great opportunity to show work at an event in Denver, Colorado, on June 27th.  This is the only one I am doing for these events but I only request, if anyone should find an event through this, please, go!  I support any people, event, gallery, business, etc., that will show my artwork and The Pancakes and Booze + Art event has my approval.  They have numerous events not only in the States but also in Europe, so please, look at the link.  Go to any if you can!:


In brief, I have been focusing a great deal of energy on finishing a few drawings I have been working at for a few months.  I myself, often being very meticulous, have a hard time completing drawings in a short amount of time unless I dedicate a lot of hours to them.  It also has proven to be difficult for me to show artwork a lot of places due to my subject matters and abdication from what is popular in style and so on.  So, being accepted to show is important just by itself alone.  I really want to come back and keep writing, I haven’t forgotten anyone who leaves me notes regularly.  I think of you all and have been keeping you in my thoughts and in my meditations.  Your notes have helped me feel so much less lonely and I look forward to hearing from you all again, reading and writing more, and getting back into communicating!  Take care!

( black and white photograph: Erich Hartmann , FRANCE. Pau. 1979. Woman looking out of hotel bedroom window)

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