Roman Wine

I’ve learned few lessons over this course of one and one half year. I cannot say how often our last meeting has kept me awake, made me shake my head to clear away the tears of shame I felt coming.
I was wrong to have assumed you would feel the same for me when I confessed a love for you that year and more ago. I was wrong.
However we made it past that time I do not know. But last night brought hope. Carrying on, continuing along our road. Maybe as friends and solitary souls, but… I can once again engage with you.
I thought I’d lost a dear friend whom inspired me.
But the night wore on and the cocktails went down easily and the sake came out at a little table in a little can. Then on we went with your new lover and more cocktails came along. You clutched me at one point and embraced me, warm with the liquors we diluted with ice from the previous drinks. I felt your full forgiveness and truce.
A Roman truce, under the influence it is true: the truth comes out.

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