House of fun

Another male guest left this afternoon, and as soon as he was gone, she called up another one. Roomie is really on a roll. Apparently young married men or men that are taken are really into 50-year-old women. The revolving door here shows me that there are no longer morals existing within these walls in the house of fun. No respect for me, either. I sat in my room and tried to watch a movie while my dog barked for at least an hour.

Yesterday was the best of it all. We went to get our haircut from the woman we usually see. She loves to ask a ton of questions, and I find this to be similar with most of my hair ladies in the past. She asked my roomie why she doesn’t have a job, and asked how she is paying rent without a job. Bingo, muthafukas!!! Can we please add my hairdresser to the list of people that are finally finding out her BULLSHIT? Her best guy buddy, her son, her last 20 dates…now, the hairdresser! Now I don’t look like the psycho that she’s telling everyone that I am. Well.. it’s true to a degree.

Our hairdresser is my new hero. Roomie lied to her and said that her ex-boyfriend is giving her money every two weeks for rent. In hairdresser’s mind, she thinks this is in the range of $1400 a month that he’s giving her. She says.. wow, this sounds like a VERY good man to give you that much money when you’re not together. Why aren’t you together? Roomie says: Oh, he got fat and was gross. He was sweating in my face when we had sex. His breath was bad. (This part is true, according to roomie–but they are STILL married, it’s not her ex-boyfriend! He moved across the damn country, probably to get away from her.) While I agree that is it none of hairdresser’s business, I enjoyed hearing the lies and the discussion. I do not know why her “ex” husband is sending money. He knows she would be homeless, so I guess he feels good helping out… but that’s NOT helping her learn her lesson.

Roomie apparently called her Saturday date and had him on the phone while I was yelling at her to fix my phone that was mounted on the dash. I told her to fix the fucking thing because I wasn’t sure where we were going on the freeway. She said she doesn’t know how to fix it (as usual, she is useless) and she started screaming at me that she can’t do it. We were yelling back and forth, and this guy was listening in. He said that he was “scared” by the whole ordeal. GOOD. Hopefully she’s scared and moves OUT OF HERE. I did not want to use scare tactics to get her (she just barged into my room without knocking to tell me she took a huge shit) to move out, but that is all I have right now.

Nobody, I mean NOBODY knows what it is like to live with a psychotic person like this. There are only fictional movies that come close. My mom keeps telling me to call the police. ON WHAT? She isn’t breaking a law by being here, although she probably will be forced to go to court soon over the rental balance that she can’t pay. She has a warrant out for her arrest. She had the nerve to ask if she could borrow my car to see a guy.

She’s now trying to record me and get people on the phone to hear me yelling…all I keep telling myself is.. the lease is up in a few months… I just have to hang on until then, but the nightmare will still not be over.

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August 9, 2021

I think it is time for your lazy roomie to find a new place to live. A VERY traumatic difficult situation you have! I am fortunate to live alone with my 2 birds. Putting up with their shit is a lot easier than you with your roomie! At least my feathered roomies make me laugh a lot.

August 9, 2021

@skobru She has rights to be here under the lease and has zero income. She refuses to leave and has no friends or family. I can’t leave due to the costs of breaking the lease. I am completely traumatized and at this very moment she is hoovering outside of my bedroom waiting for me to be done with work. I wish she was a bird, trust me.

August 9, 2021

@eleven-11 she sounds terrifying. Desperate as I may feel at times I would avoid her like Covid.