The best update yet

Things are still dragging on, but are quickly coming to a head.. pun intended. Roomie has finally realized that not having a job is completely detrimental to living a life. Wow. She thought I was going to pay and take care of her until her dying days, I suppose. This is all coming to an end, and if there was reality show film crew here, I’d be a billionaire laughing to the bank with Kris Jenner.

Let’s start out with Roomie’s love life. She has zero interest in dating long-term. She likes variety, and she likes them young. One guy showed up, and he wasn’t a dummy. He questioned her about her lifestyle, and asked how she’s paying for anything and how she gets around without a car. He truly seemed interested in her since he stayed here for a few days. He even went out with us to a bar… but he thought I was paying!?! I sincerely swear to God. We spent about $120 on drinks, and Roomie sends me $40 saying not to tell him she gave me the money. She confessed that she told him that I was taking them both out for drinks. UMMM what? Why would he think I had the money to do that? Her $40 was not enough to cover what she was drinking…so I was getting extremely irritated. We left and went home.. it was 2 AM and the guy said he’d like to go home. What guy goes home at 2 AM when they said they were going to spend the night? I think he had enough. He saw how she swindled other people at the bar to buy her shots.. he saw how she plays her game. She guilts people into buying her things, just like she does to me.

She truly thought that guy was going to be into her. She brushed it off and moved onto something new. Arrangement Seeking.. AKA.. Sugar Daddies. I figured it was her next logical step since she was sleeping with countless men and not getting paid for it. Let me tell you.. this whole thing from my perspective is HILARIOUS. You need to see what these guys look like. The shit they say.

Here comes Harold. He’s 60, owns a business, says he wants a woman to travel with. He invited me to come to an expensive dinner with them both. Harold was not exactly attractive; he was a shorter man, 50lbs overweight, but he had a really cute personality, so I was engaged with what he was saying. He was talking to me most of the time because Roomie gets extremely weird sometimes and wasn’t really talking to him. She finally stepped in when he talked about going to Mexico to the beaches. She perked the fuck up. He invited both of us to visit him on the weekend for lunch. I was going along with the whole thing.. Oh yes, I can’t wait to see you again! He said he was going to give us shopping money for the mall to buy sexy lingerie.. only if we took photos that night and texted them to him. This is when I started to feel my borders go up around me. I completely shut down. I felt totally creeped out, but here’s Roomie with her eyes all beaming up to do this. He then said he wanted to go shopping at an outlet center or a discount center…then I started to get the idea he was having buyer’s remorse. Sorry, bro.. I can’t throw up my steak and get a refund.

He blocked Roomie on the account. I wasn’t surprised. The next 5 men.. they blocked her too, but she made a few thousand dollars in a week. Not joking. She was never able to make a connection with any of them that were serious. She went from 22 year old guys to 65 year olds.. this was a huge switch. These guys want a sugar commitment, and she doesn’t want that. She wants different guys paying daily… and guess what that is called?? Prostitution. In fact, the whole sugar daddy thing is essentially prostitution, except there seems to be more than sex involved. These guys want an activity partner, a lunch date, a trip to Mexico partner, and they are PICKY as fuck, as they should be.

Viagras were popped in my house. Next guy looked like my college history teacher. Beige suit. He told Roomie he wanted to help her gain skills so that she could find a job. She laughed and said she didn’t need help. He sincerely told her that he helps women with their education so they don’t have to do this. I honestly felt like this guy was the real deal. He offered to help with her resume and she just laughs. I was there for the whole thing, I see what happens in my house! The Viagra turned out to be generic, so nothing happened.

Now what? The lease is up in November. She’s doing illegal things in the apartment. I just emailed a lawyer. Let’s hang on real tight.

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