Temp: -20F

Sky: Clear

I was so deep in thought this morning I lost count of how many laps I made. I do know I was outside for 30 minutes so I think I got all my laps in. No wind this morning. I tried a thin pair of gloves in my mittens today, but that made my hands colder. The rest of me was toasty, even sweaty. The frost on my hood and eyebrows started melting and dripping from all my hot air 😂 Above, the steam from town reflecting the rising sun made it look like a wildfire in the distance.

Manager called an emergency zoom meeting with the whole team yesterday. I feel she tried to use me as an example of what not to do but did not provide the team the whole story. I defended myself by providing the details. I think that made her mad so she brought up something else and again I was able to defend myself because unlike her, I know the history of this particular customer. She couldn’t let it go and went into speculation mode. I know I defended myself successfully, but I don’t know if I am interpreting her actions correctly. I’m going to ask my closest teammate her thoughts before I decide whether to email manager about her actions in scapegoating me in front of the team.

This is not what tourists do. This is not what peaceful protesters do. That is human shit on the floor.  Don’t tell me the people who did this are human.


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2 weeks ago

I don’t like what your manager did.  Being singled out like that in front of the team is just not cool.  I am glad you could explain things but it is a shame you were put in that defensive position.

2 weeks ago

Oh my friend, you ARE cold!  How long did dog last?

And it’s NOT RIGHT to scapegoat you for ANY reason, regardless.  I would talk to her manager for sure.  Grrr.

And Idk what caused the photo with the feces, but you are right – it’s just uncivilized!

2 weeks ago

Boy, it doesn’t sound good for you at that job.  I hope you can get it cleared up, but honestly … that manager sounds like she has it in for you & there’s probably not much you can do to make the situation better.  Plan B?