2nd Walk-through

Temp 42F Sky Clear

Glad I brought the houseplants into the garage on Tuesday, the cold last night would have damaged them.

Fall is upon us. I really hate waking up when it is dark.

Last night we took a second walk-through of a house we really liked. Honey wanted to examine the crawl space. And it’s a good thing. It was damp and had signs of pooling water, uninsulated (in MN!!), the vents were blocked by an addition. Plumbing craziness that was not done by a plumber. He said when the house was built it was done correctly but everything added after was done wrong. Including using a car hose for the dishwasher!! While disappointing, I am appreciative that honey is knowledgeable of all the trades and we don’t have to hire an inspector to find these things. And I am thankful that the housing market has slowed enough to allow a second walk-through. The search continues.

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2 days ago

phew dodged a bullet there !

2 days ago

I think you will find a house by Christmas that’s just perfect for you both.  And yes, it’s a good thing he looked and saw the problems!  You would have frozen in Winter and had a heating bill from Hell.