Baby Blue and Pink

Temp: 7F WC -7

Wind: SW 5

Sky: Clear

The sky was bathed in baby blue and pink as my walk began. Soon it changed to orange and finally gold as the sun made its appearance. It is warmer than yesterday in temperature but the wind makes it feel colder. Dog lasted 2 laps and then said nope, he wanted to wait in the garage.

A cardinal was at the feeder an hour before sunrise. Along the walk I heard a red-bellied woodpecker, a chickadee’s 2-note call and some juncos. In the distance a pileated woodpecker called out.

The wind pants combined with 2 layers kept my thighs and bum warm. My fingers and toes not so much.

My thoughts are about work–anxiety about working after having 4 days off kept me awake last night. My granddaughter will arrive in the world during our busiest time, but I have already decided F it, I’m taking time off to watch grandson while daughter recovers from C-section. Work has screwed me enough times that I no longer feel any obligation to them. I carried over 80 hours of unused PTO from last year. Never again. I will use ALL my PTO from now on. Meets expectations.

My thoughts wander also to those who complain about government spending and yet many are benefitting from the exact spending they’re complaining about. Are they really that ill-informed that they don’t know where the money comes from for their Medicaid/healthcare, food stamps, SBA assistance, school lunch, agricultural subsidies, SSI, VA, and on and on and on? Where would they be if that all stopped???


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January 6, 2022

I love that baby blue & pink combo at sunrise & sunset.  When I was in the 8th grade, I had a dressy dress in those colors, and I always felt like a princess when I wore it.  I think of that dress to this day when I see one of those sunrises or sunsets.

I’m certainly not complaining about government spending, since I’m the grateful recipient of Medicaid/healthcare, food stamps, etc.  Where would I be if that all stopped???  Living under the bridge, and if those barstards manage to gut SS — I’ll be begging on the streets for all that I worked for 40 years & paid into that fund so I’d have $$ to retire on.