Better not Best

Temp 48F Sky Clear

I had to turn on the space heater in my office yesterday. The house just doesn’t warm up being sheltered by trees. It was 75 outside yesterday but only 68 inside.

My workmate got a new job. $60K/yr as an admin asst. Going from 40K to 60K. She has no college degree. That tells you how underpaid we are. My manager really blew it. As she will find out today when workmate breaks the news. My workmate had requested a salary review over a month ago and manager ignored her request. So workmate, who has been with the company 5 yrs, will leave in 2 weeks and manager is left with 3 people in workmate’s division who have all been hired in the last 3 months. Ha! I am so happy for workmate because she, like I, had lost her confidence and sense of worth. Her good news brightened my day, more just because my manager is going to be hurting because she knows so little of what we really do, there will be no way for her to train the new people. Ha! It doesn’t really affect me or my division which is why I’m enjoying it so much. My wish is this will be a wake up call for manager, but it won’t happen. She is much too arrogant to admit it had anything to do with her.

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2 weeks ago

I am happy for workmate also.  There are companies who will pay people what they are worth.  It is hard to find them though.  Fall is less than two weeks away.  😎