Birdwatcher, not Birder

It was -21F when I woke up this morning…it has now “warmed” to -9F.  I will be going outside to get my 30 minutes of fresh air later, but there will be no pics; with the windchill it is too cold to take off my gloves.

I finished reading the book “Field Notes From an Unintentional Birder” by Julia Zarankin.  It is a memoir about how she came to birding later in life and she draws the parallels between birds and birding and her own personal circumstances.  I don’t usually read non-fiction, but it was a good read.  And it helped me realize I will never be a “birder”.  Why?  For one reason, you will never see me awake before 6:30am and that will only be because the alarm went off and I have to go to work.  I have to ease into my day, not sit in a field with binoculars.   Another reason is because I don’t look up, I look down.  Which makes me a better tracker than birder.  And I am not interested in making lists of numbers of birds.  The Great Backyard Bird Count is this weekend but you won’t find me doing a 15-minute count and submitting a list.  I just like to see birds, and hear birds, and watch birds as they cross my path throughout the day.  I like to figure out what bird I’m hearing or seeing.  I would never go out and seek to find a specific bird.  But if a rare sighting of one should cross my path (like the hairy woodpecker this morning) I will delight in it.

I spent the morning with my 18-mo grandbaby.  I only see him maybe once a month because of Covid, but I’m happy that he knows who I am, even if I am wearing a mask.  I can’t even imagine what children in the toddler age are thinking, all the people behind masks.

Such strange strange times we’re living in.  And not just covid.  I struggle every day trying to wrap my head around what is going on socially, politically, morally, etc.  Is it just acceptable that people are no longer held accountable anymore?  Is there a place anymore for the quiet, the meek, the gentle, the kind?  And how do we signal to one another that we do exist?  Because it seems if you aren’t loud and obnoxious you are nothing.  And that is a lonely place to be.

At least we still have the beauty and wonder of nature to calm and assure us that not all is bad in the world.


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February 14, 2021

Yeah. Covid is a terrible.