Blue Pee

Time: 7:45am

Temp: 25

Wind: NW 5-8

Sky: Cloudy

The chickadees were at the feeder at 7:15, well before sunrise.

Also at the feeder at 6:15am..a rabbit. The rabbit has been stopping by morning and evening at 6am and 6pm.

The mild temps yesterday made for difficult walking this morning, as I found myself having to stomp through the drifted, crusted snow. There will be no more tracks until we receive a new snow. But there are patches of crackly ice to step on. I have loved stepping on this kind of ice since I was a little kid walking to school!


So what makes rabbits pee blue? European Buckthorn. And the rabbits have been eating Buckthorn in the brush pile.  Apparently the pee starts off brown, but sunlight makes it turn blue! Who knew?

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February 2, 2021

Crazy blue rabbit pee!!  When I was a girl I would watch the rabbits come out of their holes when we were camping.  I love animals!!