Coyote Visit

Temp: -10 WC -21

Sky: Partly Cloudy

The temp has dropped 2 degrees since I got up at 6:30. That’s not the right direction when the sun is up! The wind is supposed to pick up this afternoon with wicked windchill, so I got a walk in this morning. Dog lasted half a lap–to the barn where honey has a fire going. I walked clockwise this morning so I had some tree protection from the wind and didn’t have to walk directly into the wind. When my butt cheeks started to freeze, I went in. Still got enough steps in though.

Walking on Thursday with sister, I noticed fresh coyote poo. It looks different from dog’s in that it is very hairy. Anyway, I pulled the card from the trail cam yesterday and confirmed it was 2 coyote that came through the night before.

Dog is about the same size as a coyote, but I am able to distinguish between dog’s tracks and a coyote’s tracks, because coyotes tend to drag their feet whereas dog tends to prance.

Coyote tracks

Fun fact for you warm climate folk: automatic car washes close when it gets below zero up here in the north. So the carwash place was super busy yesterday, cars lined up 6 deep because of the incoming falling temps. I waited until 7:30 last night and was able to drive right in! That’s the prize for having no NYE plans.

I tend to not make a big deal about holidays/events and instead just enjoy what happens or doesn’t happen. I made buffalo wings and bought some key lime pie for dessert and that to me is the perfect way to ring in the new year. I kissed honey at midnight (on the east coast haha!) and went to bed.

Let’s hope 2022 does not become 2020-2.

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January 2, 2022

My Spirit Animal is coyote.  And the one you got on film is beautiful.  I didn’t know that about the hairy poo.  I ALSO didn’t know that about the car washes closing.  Oh the things I learn from my friends who have snow and ice!

I have the same hope for 2022.  I REALLY would like to take off this mask.