Crane Fly

Temp 64F. Sky Cloudy

Very dreary day, the sky so dark I thought it would rain but a quick check of the radar shows it will miss us.

The crane fly used to terrify me as a child. I thought it was a giant mosquito.

It’s pretty harmless.

I kept dog on a very short leash yesterday. Literally. Tired of his antics from the day before. Took him for his allergy shot too where he is a total wimp. It is incredible that this fearless chaser of deer, this fighter of raccoon that does not notice when he is cut or scraped, cries and whimpers like a puppy when he gets his shot. He is everybody’s friend, so I think he is just stunned that a human would hurt him. I cleaned his scrapes again last night and he was not happy.

Honey works tomorrow so I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Guess it depends on the weather.

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1 week ago

We had an infestation of crane flies in our front lawn.  They destroyed it and we had to diatenacious earth everything and try to grow a lawn again.  Sorry about the spelling.  I have no idea how it’s spelled!!