Disappearing Entries

Temp: 31 F

Sky: Mostly cloudy

Hmm, looks like my weekend recap entry on Monday disappeared. It was long. I will not try to recreate it, it is too far gone from memory now. I summed it up with everyone should get outside at least 30 minutes every day of the year, rain, snow, heat, sun, cold.

Now I’ve kind of lost my momentum to write. I had a dream last night that a restaurant server purposely infected me and others with Covid. Which would never happen because I don’t go to restaurants.

Here are the two pictures from my lost post.

Crow tracks:

Fox tracks (that include the nails if you look closely):

I’ll try to write again tomorrow. Feeling kind of deflated having lost the entry.

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2 weeks ago

I’ve had entries go *poof* too.

2 weeks ago

That’s foully dispiriting (to quote Angela Thirkell) about losing your entry.  OD is sometimes not very cooperative …