Time: 7:40

Temp: -5F

Wind: SSE 4

Sky: Cloudy

This morning as I stepped outside I was greeted by a pile of entrails on the driveway. Gross!! I hustled the dog back inside so he wouldn’t sample it. Definitely the works of a raptor. I base this partly on how precisely they were picked out, but mostly, the wingmarks left behind. I’m guessing it was a rabbit. (Curiously only 2 rabbits at the feeder last night.)

On lap 3, I noticed something. It was incredibly quiet! No commuters on our road, no semis on the highway a mile away. Just quiet. So I stopped and listened. Crow, blue jay, chickadee, pileated, and some unidentified tapping. What a beautiful moment.

Speaking of pileated woodpeckers, there is definitely one hanging around here. Late afternoon yesterday while I was working, I heard it call very close by so I went to the window and there it was, the grand daddy of all woodpeckers. They are so awe inspiring. Of course, by the time I grabbed my phone to take a pic, it was gone.

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