Fall Color On Its Way

Temp 64F Sky Clear, ground fog

It is supposed to be a gorgeous day today–80s, humidity–before plunging for the rest of the week to highs in the 60s. Waaaah!

Last evening I sprayed down the two houseplants I’ll be bring in with insecticidal soap and will give the root ball a flush tonight before bringing them in the garage for a few days, then into the house for winter.

There are small signs of fall color all around.

I realized this morning we’ll be in CA when the color peaks mid-october. We’re also going to miss grandson’s Halloween party when we’re in CA. That little boy absolutely LOVES Halloween and what he calls ‘spooky time’.

Saw a remote customer service job that looks very interesting… Yes, I’m looking. I’m also noticing what I currently earn is below the starting wage for most CSR jobs. My philosophy is either change what is bothering you or quit complaining. I have been too bitter about the last review/crappy pay raise for too long and I have what they now call ‘quiet quit’ a long time ago. To be told I received a small piddly raise because company expenses have skyrocketed, only to find out my colleague received more, only to have the company announce building expansion plans due to the overwhelming increase in business. Nevermind that my department did not expand with this overwhelming increase in business and we (I) was not recognized monetarily or otherwise for gracefully helping the company with this expansion. Too bad. Cuz I really like my job.

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3 days ago

I’d say time to move on.  I was in the same position: went in as a trainee, thinking I would be raised to comparable salary when I finished my training.  Nope — only a % raise, which would have left me farther & farther behind as time went on.  I loved that job, but I found another that paid more for a less exacting job, & went with it.  Needs must.

2 days ago

There are a few signs of Autumn here in CA, too.  Where are you going to in Cali?  I live in Central California and I don’t recommend it.

I DO recommend you get another job where you are appreciated!!!

1 day ago

@novembercirese we’re going to a wedding in Sacramento so not terribly excited about the trip. But I refused to spend my money on a trip to an ugly desert for people I don’t know, so honey is footing the bill for this one 😄