Full Winter Gear

Temp: -11F

Wind: NW 10-15 WC -26F

Sky: Partly cloudy

Our high temp for the day was at midnight when it was 3. When I got up, it was -7. Now it is -11. With wind. Fortunately the NW wind is the best kind, as I have good tree protection for most of my route. I was dressed in full Winter gear–warmest base layers, parka, wind pants. I stayed warm except for the back of my hands. A good pair of warm leather mittens would solve that problem. With each lap, the frost built up on my eyelashes and eyebrows.

Dog didn’t last a full lap. He relieved himself and stood next to the door. But what can I expect, he is a wimpy Texas rescue dog after all.

A perfect mouse track, complete with tail:

Don’t think for a minute that today’s anniversary is not on my mind. It hurts my soul as much today as it did a year ago. It is still very fresh and the wound is very deep. To be honest, it troubles me far more than 9-11, because it came from within. Violent criminals, lying bastards, bullies and idiots, all of them. To believe they have a right to tear away individual freedom and try to impose their will on all, to do as they say. They claim they want individual rights. Their double speak is so ridiculous and what is more ridiculous is they don’t even recognize they are trying to impose what they claim they are fighting against!!! Keep strong, speak out, don’t give in or give up.


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3 weeks ago

You look…cold!

And yeah.  Not like I can forget this day.  Pres. Biden had some choice words to say about it too.  Go him!

2 weeks ago

@novembercirese I finally got to listen to the Harris/Biden speeches tonight and I agree. I’m glad Biden took the angle he did and he said it well.

2 weeks ago

Are your eyes frozen?  I think it’s amazing that you get out & walk in that kind of weather!  I’m with Dog: it’s time to stay in by the fire, with a nice cuppa tea & a good book.

Yes, my heart is heavy on this anniversary, both for what happened a year ago & for the madness yet to come.  “Keep strong, speak out, don’t give in or give up.”  As “little people,” that’s all we can do but we’d better start doing it at the top of our lungs!

2 weeks ago

@ghostdancer You had me confused who this “Cassandra” was who was leaving notes! No, my eyes don’t freeze, but the hot air from my breath freezes on my eyelashes which is a really weird feeling when I blink because it gets heavy! Really, it’s all about dressing correctly (and not caring about how you look). As long as you’re moving you stay warm.

2 weeks ago

@elkay Sorry — didn’t mean to confuse you.  I posted under an article that I felt like Casandra — always on about the upcoming threatening political situation, & then decided to change my handle to Cassandra.  I still think you’re one of he bravest women I know, to get out there every day, in the freezing cold.  You make me feel wike a right wuss.  Which I am, of course …